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I do:

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Webdesign
  • Team Management
  • Teaching and Tutoring
  • details...

I do freelance and contract work, from very simple jobs to complex team projects, at reasonable prices :-) In case you're interested in any of my areas of work feel free to contact me with your questions.

Work - Profile

Professional Experience

  • Many years of freelance software development (since 1990) and electrical & computer engineering (since 2005), in team-based and individual projects
  • Ability to rapidly learn new software packages, programming languages and operating environments
  • Management Experience: Involvement in various organizations and activities; have held several different positions, such as President or Treasurer, in student organizations of over 300 members (since 1995)
  • Tutoring and teaching at various levels (since 2001)

Electrical and Computer Engineering Skills

  • Digital Design: Logic Design, Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (esp. Xilinx), VHDL, some Verilog
  • Embedded Systems: Microprocessors (TI MSP430, Microchip PIC), Interfaces, Firmware programming
  • Design Implementation: Circuit Design, Schematic Entry, Layout, parts ordering, PCB ordering, testing
  • Software: Mentor Graphics DxDesigner and PADS2005, IAR Embedded Workbench, MATLAB, EagleCAD, Microchip MPLAB, XILINX ISE, EDK and Multisim

Computer Skills

  • Operating Systems: Linux, UNIX, all flavors of Microsoft OSes
  • Office Packages: Microsoft Office Suite, OpenOffice, CorelDRAW & PhotoPaint, basic Adobe PhotoShop
  • Programming Languages: Java, C/C++, C#, Perl, Assembly, and many more
  • Web Technologies: HTML, CSS (style sheets), XML, JavaScript, PHP, CGI (mainly Perl), Java Beans, Servlets and JSPs, mod_perl/embedded Perl
  • Databases: MySQL, JDBC (Java Database Access), DBI (Perl Database Access), and some Oracle and MS Access
  • Network Services: Webservers (mainly Apache), Fileservers (NFS, Samba), Proxies (mainly squid), and some Routing/Firewalling, EMail (sendmail, fetchmail, procmail), and X-Windows
  • Networking: Knowledge of TCP/IP, 802.11, OSI, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, etc.
  • Hardware: PC's and components, basic networking: cables, hubs, switches, routers, etc.

Please contact me if you have any questions!


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Hello, my name is Hauke Dämpfling (sometimes aka The ZeRO-G). I am from Berlin, Germany and speak both English and German.

There's more about me on my work pages.

-- Hauke D


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